Research Facility

SPIRAL Research Center and Sensory Processing Laboratory at OTA Watertown, Inc is located at OTA The Koomar Center, a name synonymous with excellence in health care, research, and human service delivery since 1983. It is sponsored by the SPIRAL Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting research and education in the area of sensory integration and processing.

Increasing Awareness

OTA The Koomar Center is committed to working alongside the SPIRAL Foundation in its dedication to expanding the body of research and knowledge on sensory processing and its effect on children and adults. SPIRAL strives to increase awareness of sensory processing and integration and how an individuals’ sensory processing profile impacts daily life. In addition to conducting research on sensory processing and integration, with OTA, SPIRAL conducts collaborative projects with other universities and organizations such as Boston University, Thomas Jefferson University, The SPD Foundation, and Pediatric Therapy Network. SPIRAL’s research is approved by the SPIRAL Foundation Institutional Review Board, which ensures the ethical and humane treatment of persons enrolled in research. The SPIRAL Foundation, has conducted over 30 research studies, examining aspects of sensory processing in individuals with identified sensory processing challenges.