Transformative Telehealth Services

Discover how we provide effective occupational therapy and speech-language therapy for clients of all ages and abilities – virtually.

Bringing Speech and Occupational Therapy to You

At OTA The Koomar Center, we’re dedicated to providing services to support the ongoing and evolving needs of our clients and the community.

Through telehealth services, we can provide high quality occupational therapy and speech-language therapy services – even when you’re not able to receive on-site services.

Access Therapeutic Care From Anywhere

OTA’s highly skilled and adaptable therapists take a multi-faceted approach to telehealth using methods, including:

Direct Intervention

Engage in sensory and motor activities, language, and communication exercises – to address your child’s unique needs.


We’ll observe activities, routines, and interactions in live or recorded sessions, so we can give you personalized feedback and suggestions.


Receive guidance and instruction as we actively support parents in implementing activities, interactions, routines, and games.


Participate in discussions to explore strategies and structures for support that meets your child and family’s needs.


Learn valuable insights as we share underlying theories and intervention models to enhance participation, communication, and engagement.

Individualized Therapy Services, Delivered at a Distance

OTA continues to be committed to focusing on functional goals that are meaningful to clients and families. Feedback from families that have been accessing OTA telehealth services report improvements in a range of functional areas, including:
Parents also report that the coaching and modeling that are embedded into the sessions have made it easier to understand their child’s needs in order to support their children throughout the day.

Hear From Patients Breaking Through Barriers

See how we’ve helped these people see incredible progress.