Individualized Intensives for Maximum Growth

Elevate your therapy experience with our intensive interventions – personalized to support each individual’s journey to reaching their full potential.

Supporting Development Through Intensive Therapy

In addition to our regular weekly intervention model, we offer a variety of intensive interventions to maximize the functional abilities of the individuals we serve. Our intensive interventions are crafted with heartfelt dedication for each child, adolescent, or adult’s unique needs in mind, so you can:
These intensives may be discussed with the intake coordinator when inquiring about The Koomar Center services or with an evaluating therapist following an initial assessment. They might also be discussed as an option with your therapist over the course of intervention.

Our Intensive Intervention Models

While it’s often common for direct sensory integration-based occupational therapy services to occur on a once or twice-weekly basis, at times it may be most beneficial for an individual to receive a greater frequency of services to maximize therapeutic gains.

Sensory Integration Intensives

Some individuals may find a short term of intensive intervention that focuses on sensory integration most beneficial. While the frequency and duration can vary depending on the specific needs, intensives typically involve treatment sessions for 3-5 hourly sessions per week for a period of 3 weeks.

This intensive may be recommended for individuals who are initiating services, for those with significant sensory integration challenges who would benefit from a period of intensive sensory input to either initiate longer-term services, or to jump start progress when therapeutic progression has plateaued for a period of time.

Visual-Vestibular Intensives

Visual-Vestibular intensives are designed to maximize functioning in individuals who demonstrate specific difficulties with processing and integrating visual, vestibular and proprioceptive sensory information. While the frequency and duration can vary depending on the specific needs, intensives typically involve treatment sessions for 3 hourly sessions per week for a period of 3 weeks. During this time, sensory integration treatment activities focus on providing intense movement experiences as well as specific development of oculomotor control and integration of functional vision and movement. This program typically also involves a home program component which should be completed in addition to the in-clinic services.

The Astronaut Training Program is an integral part of this intensive, and rental or purchase of the Astronaut Board and other specialized equipment needed for home activities may be recommended. Following this intensive the therapist may recommend further home programming including but not limited to continued Astronaut Training, Bal-A-Vis-X activities, and/or the Learning Breakthrough program. Many who complete a visual vestibular intensive find an evaluation and possible intervention by a behavioral or developmental optometrist to be useful following the intensive.

Clinic-Based Listening Program Intensives

Listening intensives are designed to maximize functioning in individuals in a wide range of areas related to regulation, sensory motor capacities, attention and language, as well as higher-level skills. This type of intensive can be recommended to address broad areas of focus, such as improving sensory processing, as well as to address specific needs, such as auditory defensiveness.

Listening intensives often occur for extended periods of 9-13 weeks with a frequency of 3-4 sessions per week. During sessions individuals engage in sensory integration-based activities to target their unique needs while simultaneously utilizing therapeutic listening programs such as Integrated Listening Systems or Therapeutic Listening. Listening intensives often include some intermittent testing to measure gains and to continually adapt the program to meet the person’s needs.

International or Long-Distance Client Intensives

Families and individuals from across the country and globe come to OTA for high quality Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy using an intensive model of care. Through a collaborative intake process, a therapeutic team and plan is created to tailor the services to meet each individual’s unique needs. The duration of a long-distance intensive is determined by the therapeutic team prior to initiating treatment. An intensive typically involves a 2–4-week period with direct services commonly being provided for 2 hours per day or at times more depending on the individual’s needs and the recommended services.

OTA offers occupational and speech therapy evaluation and intervention services as well as additional sessions in specialty areas and specialized consultations which can be added as desired. The Koomar Center also collaborates with other professionals to enhance the treatment intensive and makes referrals to professionals in other areas such as chiropractic, nutrition, etc., as needed.

A Personalized, Focused Path to Progress

Embark on a personalized journey with OTA’s intensive services – designed to enhance progress at every turn.

Enhanced Care and Support

Address unique issues quickly and effectively with dedicated support from an experienced therapy team.

Flexible Care Model

Use our intensive services to jump-start a longer-term treatment program, maximize intervention for individuals who travel to OTA for services, or for clients who have a limited time frame for intervention services.

Specialty Services

Take advantage of unique service offerings, including international or long-distance intensives, clinic-based listening program intensives, and other industry-leading sensory processing programs.

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