Collaborate With Us in Our Parent Partnership Program

Explore how we can equip you to nurture your child’s growth. Feel supported by our specialized therapists as we address your child’s unique needs – together.

Empowering Parents, Enhancing the Lives of Families

Parents play an integral role not only in the therapeutic process at OTA but ultimately to support the life-long needs of their child. Our focus as a therapeutic team is to build capacities, confidence, and connection between parents and their children.

As therapists who specialize in sensory processing, we understand the unique needs children with sensory processing challenges face and can offer specialized support.

Collaborative Parent Consultation Programs for All Ages

Collaborate with our experienced therapists – to build skills to support your child and address specific concerns such as regulation, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges.

First Meeting

Second Meeting

Third Meeting

Follow Up Visits

Parent Partnership Program Outcomes

Together, we can unlock your child’s fullest potential and strengthen your family’s bonds.

Uncover Root Causes

By understanding the “why” of your child’s responses and behaviors, we can better prioritize our approach, develop individualized strategies, and support your family’s needs.

Build Coping Techniques

Together, we’ll explore different strategies to help your child build more appropriate skills and coping mechanisms.

Foster Positive Engagement

By cultivating meaningful connections and interactions between you and your child, you’ll promote positive family dynamics.

Support Therapy Goals

We’ll support and facilitate the outcomes of your child’s occupational therapy session, such as goal development and implementing home strategies.

Access Additional Resources

When appropriate, we’ll explore additional community resources with you – to support the specific needs of your child and family.

Hear From Patients Breaking Through Barriers

See how we’ve helped these people see incredible progress.